Denver's 1st Cocktails and Castoffs

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Denver Reap Life DIG Event


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DIG will hosts it's first Cocktails and Castoffs in Denver on Sunday, May 7th, 2017.

DIG’s Cocktails and Castoffs Event will focus on the growing conversation around global food waste and loss.

Every year, roughly 1/3rd of the food produced in the world gets lost or wasted. That’s 1.3 billion tonnes of food. Instead of that amount feeding the world’s hungry, it is contributing to the growing problem of climate change, and it’s making it even harder for small-holder farmers to grow what they need to feed their families. What part do we play in this story and why aren’t we doing more to bring an end to food waste?

Join Development in Gardening as we explore the challenge of food waste and loss both here and abroad. Learn ways you can be part of the solution and hear how DIG is working to ensure more food is available and less food is lost in the communities most at risk.

Our incredible Denver chef(s) will inspire our intellect and our tastebuds through small dishes that leave little to no waste, so come get wast-ed with DIG.

What are we raising funds for?

DIG is raising funds to develop demonstration and home gardens with HIV affected and nutritionally vulnerable communities in East Africa.


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Sponsors and Supporters

Event Committee:

  • Sara Nagel
  • Greg Bogdan
  • Mark Colvin
  • Tilden Nordhom
  • Joe McCullough