Seed to Plate

Creating access to food and proper nutrition is at the core of Development in Gardening’s mission.  Many of the people we work with do not have secure sources of fresh produce and studies have shown that people with diets lacking in micro-nutrients are less likely thrive and contribute to a self-sufficient community.

Through facility and home garden initiatives, Development in Gardening (DIG) teaches realistic strategies that increase available foods to individuals, families, and communities. After the target garden has been implemented, cooking and nutrition classes are initiated to ensure that harvested produce makes it from the ground to the mouths of participants.

The focus of the seed to plate initiative varies depending upon the specific needs of the targeted community. For example, DIG has created programs that address ways to improve the nutrition of underweight children under the age of five, appropriate complementary garden feeding programs for infants and young children, and micronutrient rich crops and recipes for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Making sure that there is proper education and communication around nutritional needs is essential for the continual uptake of nutritious vegetables and sustaining healthy communities.