Meet Benta Atieno

bentaBenta Atieno Anyango is a mother of four and married to Amos Omondi who lives in Kameji village, 8km from Lwala Community Alliance where the DIG trainings are held.

Benta and her husband depend on brick making and farming for their living. Benta also works in the community to reduce stigma around HIV. She works with DIG in collaboration with the ART support, an HIV patient based group organized through Lwala Community Hospital.

She joined DIG in 2011, which has helped transform her life.

I joined this group with a lot of resistance from my husband, my family members and my neighbors. They thought it was a waste of time but with my persistence all of them are changing.

I remember, one day, my husband took all my kales and transplanted before I could even make the beds, he was so excited about it!

Even though distance was far, walking 16km (10 miles) two times a week, I developed a positive attitude towards the training and the distance was no more.

I developed really good friends with the people in the training and now that I am done with the training I am still making new friends from people who buy my kales.

Through the sales of kales and saving income on veggies, that I now grow instead of buying, my daily income is increasing and I am really encouraged!

Benta makes about 150 KSH a week from her home garden and has trained 6 of her neighbors on how to make raised beds, double dug beds, compost, mulch and other organic agriculture techniques. Her and her family now eat regularly from their garden.