Privacy Policy

This privacy policy contains details of how we collect, store, use, process, organize, manage, and interact with the data you provide on this website or that we have access to. We will not use your data for purposes other than the ones detailed here.

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Information We May Collect

Personal information: Personal information includes phone number, email address, physical address, business address, and name. The information we collect allows us to serve you better. It may enable us to serve you better by responding to emails, sending notifications, responding to comments, and following up if necessary.

Information made available automatically: We may have access to certain information when you visit this website. The data is made available automatically. They include IP address, browser type, device type, and operating system. The information we collect allows us to serve you better, track trends, analyze demographic data, and understand movement on this website.

Cookies: This website utilizes cookies. These make storing, tracking, and saving visitors’ sessions possible. With visitors’ sessions stored, the site would load faster when a visitor tries gaining access.

How We May Use Visitors’ Data

We have a duty to protect the data visitors entrust to us. That is why we use standard security architecture to safeguard users’ data.

We also wish to state that we do not sell, duplicate, rent, auction, distribute, or give users’ data to third parties. If necessary, we will inform the user before making such a move.

We can only give out users’ data on legal grounds. This includes in honor of a court order or when requested by law enforcement. We may release users’ data if doing so will save the users’ lives.

Change of Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy document belongs to Reap Life Dig. It was written to guide your use of this website.

We reserve the legal right to modify, change, alter, remove, add, subtract, or rewrite any portion of this privacy policy document without prior notice.

We expect users to visit this policy document occasionally for updates. We will not be held liable for any damage, injury, loss, pain, disappointment, setback, hurt, or death experienced by virtue of this website.

By visiting this website, you automatically agree to comply with the information in this policy document. This includes the changes herein. We can make these changes anytime without notifying you.

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