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This document details how we want you, visitors, users, and clients, to interact with this website. It belongs to Reap Life Dig.

You automatically agree to comply with the terms and conditions on this page by visiting this website. We advise you to refrain from using this website if you do not wish to comply or abide by these terms and conditions.

1: Website Usage

This website is open to users of legal age. The legal age definition varies from region to region. You admit you’re of legal age when accessing or using this website.

Discontinue using this website if you’re not of legal age, as we don’t permit such. However, if you’re of legal age, you’re advised to use this website legally.

You shall not use this website in a manner that interferes, stops, degrade, or affects the website’s operations.

2: Intellectual Property

The materials, texts, graphics, content, videos, ideas, and audio are properties of Reap Life Dig. We forbid the use of this website for commercial purposes.

If you have plans to use this website for commercial purposes, note that we consider it a copyright violation. You can seek written approval if you wish to use the materials on this platform for purposes other than the ones detailed here.

You can use the materials and content on this website for personal purposes. We are not against that. Note that using materials on this platform for illegal activities is a violation we take seriously. The fine or punishment for copyright violation is the same globally.

3: Third-Party Links:

We wish to notify our dear users that this website may contain third-party links that aren’t under our jurisdiction. In other words, we do not have control or influence over those third-party links.

We urge visitors to read the terms and conditions of third-party websites before making any commitments or providing personal information. We will not be held liable for damages, pains, hurt, injuries, discomfort, mistakes, disappointments, delays, setbacks, or deaths experienced by your access to third-party links.

4: Change to Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right to modify, alter, change, add, edit, or remove any portion of this document without prior notice. Please visit this section regularly to keep up to date with the changes.

You accept the changes automatically when you visit this platform. We will not be held liable for any pain, damages, injury, hurt, misunderstanding, disappointment, death, or shame caused by virtue of the changes made to this document.

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