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Inspirational quotes inspire and motivate us to have a bright and productive week on Monday. On Tuesday, we want the productivity juice to continue running for the rest of the day. Things start to slow down on Wednesday as productivity levels drop.

It worsens on Thursday; before you realize it, Friday is already here. There’s little to be done, and within no time, the weekend is here, and you anticipate another week.

Sometimes, we may have those rough days and weeks and need a reminder and motivation to see it through.

These inspirational quotes will do fine if you’re looking for the day’s mantra. Let’s look at other quotes guaranteed to keep you on your toes for the week.

The Power of Inspirational Quotes in Motivating 

Inspirational quotes have long been recognized for their power in motivating individuals. These concise and impactful statements have the ability to ignite a fire within us. 

And as a result, pushing us to strive for greatness and overcome obstacles. The power lies in their ability to resonate with our deepest desires and aspirations. 

One of the key ways in which inspirational quotes motivate is by providing a sense of guidance and direction. 

They often encapsulate valuable life lessons and serve as a reminder of the values and principles we should strive to uphold. 

For example, a quote like “The only way to do great work is to love what you do” by Steve Jobs can inspire individuals to pursue their passions. 

Moreover, inspirational quotes have the power to create a sense of belief and confidence within us. They remind us that we have the strength and ability to overcome challenges and achieve our goals. 

Quotes such as “Believe you can and you’re halfway there” by Theodore Roosevelt can instill a sense of self-belief and push individuals to step out of their comfort zones. 

Furthermore, these quotes can uplift our spirits and provide a sense of hope when we are feeling down or overwhelmed. 

They can help us shift our perspective and find strength in adversity, allowing us to persevere and come out stronger on the other side.

Inspirational Quotes: About Life

  1. “Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.” ~ C.S Lewis 

Meaning: The significance of Christianity is either absolute or nonexistent, with no middle ground.

  1. “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen; not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” ~ C.S. Lewis 

Meaning: Faith in Christianity serves as a lens, providing a perspective that illuminates all aspects of life.

  1. “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” ~ Helen Keller 

Meaning: The value of dedication to everyday tasks is emphasized, regardless of their scale.

  1. “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: To choose one’s attitude in any given circumstance.” ~ Victor Frankl 

Meaning: The power to control one’s attitude remains even when facing loss or challenges.

  1. “Removing all risks from your life renders faith unnecessary. Faith requires the unnecessary.” ~ Author Unknown 

Meaning: True faith is exercised when faced with uncertainties and risks in life.

  1. “Remember true character is revealed by what is on the inside.” ~ Author Unknown 

Meaning: Authentic character is reflected by internal qualities rather than external appearances.

  1. “Character is not a commodity that can be purchased. It is built by the decisions you permanently chisel on your heart. Strive for a reputation that will cause people to say, ‘He means what he says.’” ~ Neil Eskelin 

Meaning: Character is shaped by consistent decisions, forming a reputation based on sincerity and integrity.

  1. “One person with conviction is worth more than one hundred with only an interest.” ~ Zig Ziglar 

Meaning: The impact of strong belief and conviction surpasses the influence of mere interest.

  1. “A complaining tongue reveals an ungrateful heart.” ~ Author Unknown 

Meaning: Complaining reflects ingratitude, exposing the true nature of one’s heart.

  1. “Too many people grumble because they don’t get what they want when they should actually thank God that they are not getting what they deserve.” ~ Author Unknown 

Meaning: Gratitude should replace complaints, recognizing the blessings in not receiving deserved consequences.

  1. “True contentment is measured not by how much we have, but rather by how much we enjoy what we have.” ~ Author Unknown 

Meaning: Contentment is found in appreciating and enjoying what is already possessed.

  1. “No one raises his own reputation by lowering others.” ~ Author Unknown 

Meaning: Building one’s reputation does not involve diminishing others; true success comes from positive actions.

  1. “Continual effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential.” ~ Winston Churchill 

Meaning: Consistent effort, rather than innate strength or intelligence, is the catalyst for realizing one’s potential.

  1. “Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.” ~ Zig Ziglar 

Meaning: Exceptional individuals share a clear sense of purpose and mission.

  1. “Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hatred; it is the power that breaks the chains of bitterness and the shackles of selfishness.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom 

Meaning: Forgiveness is a powerful force that frees the individual from negative emotions and fosters healing.

  1. “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.” ~ Helen Keller 

Meaning: True character is forged through adversity, contributing to personal growth and success.

  1. “Forgiveness is the fragrance the flower leaves on the heel of the one who crushed it.” ~ David Jeremiah 

Meaning: Forgiveness leaves a lasting positive impact, even in the face of hurt or betrayal.

  1. “In a world full of people who couldn’t care less, be someone who cares more.” ~ Author Unknown 

Meaning: Stand out by demonstrating care and compassion in a world that often lacks empathy.

  1. “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” ~ Maya Angelou 

Meaning: Bring joy and positivity into others’ lives during challenging times.

  1. “Don’t let those who take advantage of your generosity stop you from being generous.” ~ Author Unknown 

Meaning: Maintain generosity despite encountering those who may exploit it.

  1. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke 

Meaning: Inaction in the face of wrongdoing allows evil to prevail; it is essential to take a stand against injustice.

  1. “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” ~ John Wooden 

Meaning: Prioritize the development of genuine character over the perception others have of you.

  1. “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” ~ Epictetus 

Meaning: Emphasizes the importance of active listening in communication.

  1. “Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.” ~ Frank A. Clark 

Meaning: Genuine generosity is selfless, not seeking recognition or praise.

  1. “By swallowing evil words unsaid, no one has ever harmed his stomach.” ~ Winston Churchill 

Meaning: Avoiding harmful speech contributes to personal well-being.

  1. “You cannot do a kindness too soon for you never know how soon it will be too late.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Meaning: Act with kindness promptly, as opportunities for benevolence may be fleeting.

  1. “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” ~ John Wooden 

Meaning: True fulfillment comes from selfless acts of kindness without expecting reciprocation.

  1. “Be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, tolerant of the weak, because someday in your life you will be all of these.” ~ George Washington Carver 

Meaning: Show empathy and understanding to others, recognizing the shared human experience.

  1. “When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people.” ~ Abraham Heschel 

Meaning: Kindness is esteemed more than intellectual prowess as one matures.

  1. “The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.” ~ Henry Boyle 

Meaning: Building connections and understanding often require mutual effort and compromise.

  1. “Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr. 

Meaning: A simple act of kindness, like a smile, can brighten someone’s day significantly.

  1. “Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you, not because they are nice but because you are.” ~ Unknown 

Meaning: Respond with kindness and politeness regardless of others’ behavior, showcasing your own character.

  1. “Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up.” ~ Jesse Jackson 

Meaning: Instead of judgment, offer assistance and support to those in need.

  1. “Kindness is in our power even when fondness is not.” ~ Henry James 

Meaning: Kindness is a choice that can be made independently of personal feelings.

  1. “Compassion is language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” ~ Mark Twain 

Meaning: Compassion transcends verbal communication, resonating with all individuals regardless of sensory abilities.

  1. “The peace of God is not the absence of fear. It, in fact, is His presence.” ~ Tim Keller 

Meaning: True peace comes from experiencing the presence of God, even in the midst of fear.

  1. “Relying on God has to start all over every day, as if nothing has yet been done.” ~ C. S. Lewis 

Meaning: Daily reliance on God’s guidance and provision is essential, requiring constant renewal.

  1. “What are your choices? Whom are your choices for? Not just for yourself. Choose now whom you will serve, and that choice is going to affect the next generation, and the next generation and the next. Choice never affects one single person alone. It goes on and on and the effect goes into geography and history. You are part of history and your choices become part of history.” ~ Edith Schaffer 

Meaning: Emphasizes the significance of choices and their far-reaching impact on future generations.

  1. “Teach me to treat all that comes to me with peace of soul and with firm conviction that You will govern all. Amen.” ~ Elisabeth Elliot 

Meaning: Surrendering to divine guidance and trusting in a higher power to navigate life’s challenges.

  1. “God hides some ideal in every human soul. At some time in our life, we feel a trembling, fearful longing to do some good thing. Life finds its noblest spring of excellence in this hidden impulse to do our best.” ~ Robert Collyer 

Meaning: Each person possesses an inherent desire to pursue goodness and excellence, guided by a divine purpose.

  1. “I imagine our first glimpse of Heaven will cause us to gasp in amazement and delight. That first gasp will likely be followed by many more as we continually encounter new sights in that endlessly wonderful place.” ~ Randy Alcorn 

Meaning: Anticipation of the incomparable beauty and joy awaiting in the afterlife.

  1. “In Heaven, to look into God’s eyes will be to see what we’ve always longed to see: the person who made us for His own good pleasure. Seeing God will be like seeing everything else for the first time.” ~ Randy Alcorn 

Meaning: Meeting God in Heaven fulfills the deepest longings of the soul, providing ultimate fulfillment and clarity.

  1. “If our perfect Lord is gracious enough to take our worst, and ugliest, our most boring, our least successful, and forgive them, burying them in the depths of the sea, then it’s high time we give each other a break.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll 

Meaning: Extending grace and forgiveness to others mirrors the divine forgiveness granted to humanity.

  1. “Envy is one of the great enemies of active spirituality. It keeps us from loving our neighbors, from functioning with others in community, and from affirming people’s unique worth. It also steals contentment from the heart. Is there anything or anyone you are envious of?” ~ Charles R. Swindoll 

Meaning: Envy impedes spiritual growth and disrupts relationships, hindering one’s ability to appreciate and support others.

  1. “When I cannot understand my Father’s leading, And it seems to be but hard and cruel fate, Still I hear that gentle whisper ever pleading, God is working, God is faithful—Only wait.” ~ A.B. Simpson 

Meaning: Trusting in God’s faithfulness and providence, even in times of difficulty and uncertainty.

  1. “The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” ~ Abraham Lincoln 

Meaning: Emphasizes the importance of living in the present moment and taking each day as it comes.

  1. “If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail.” ~ Winston Churchill 

Meaning: Unity is essential for achieving success and overcoming challenges.

  1. “A joyful heart is the normal result of a heart burning with love. She gives most who gives with joy.” ~ Mother Teresa 

Meaning: True generosity stems from a joyful and loving heart.

  1. “Success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” ~ Orison Swett Marden 

Meaning: Success is determined by resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

  1. “Don’t fear change – embrace it.” ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo 

Meaning: Encourages embracing change as an opportunity for growth and advancement.

  1. “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” – Allen Saunders 

Meaning: Life’s unexpected events often overshadow our carefully laid plans, emphasizing the importance of embracing spontaneity and living in the moment.

  1. “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” – Dalai Lama 

Meaning: The ultimate goal of life is to find happiness and fulfillment.

  1. “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln 

Meaning: Quality of life is more significant than its duration; living fully and meaningfully is paramount.

  1. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs 

Meaning: Passion for one’s work is essential for achieving excellence and satisfaction.

  1. “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll 

Meaning: Our attitudes and responses to life’s circumstances shape our experiences more than the events themselves.

  1. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker 

Meaning: Taking proactive steps and making deliberate choices can shape one’s future outcomes.

  1. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt 

Meaning: Confidence and belief in oneself are essential for achieving success.

  1. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw 

Meaning: Life is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, where individuals have the power to shape their identities.

  1. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill 

Meaning: True success lies in the ability to persevere despite setbacks and challenges.

  1. “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Meaning: Doubt can hinder progress and limit future possibilities.

  1. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller 

Meaning: Life’s richness lies in embracing risks and pursuing adventure rather than settling for complacency.

  1. “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama 

Meaning: Happiness is a result of conscious choices and actions rather than external circumstances.

  1. “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass but learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene 

Meaning: Rather than waiting for challenges to subside, embrace them and find joy amidst adversity.

  1. “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” – Dolly Parton 

Meaning: Achieving great rewards often requires enduring hardships and challenges.

  1. “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah Winfrey 

Meaning: Pursuing one’s dreams and aspirations is the ultimate adventure in life.

  1. “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West 

Meaning: Living life to the fullest ensures that a single lifetime is fulfilling and meaningful.

  1. “The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best which is within us.” – Marianne Williamson 

Meaning: Life’s purpose is to nurture and manifest the potential within each individual.

  1. “Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.” – Grandma Moses 

Meaning: Individuals have the power to shape their own lives through their actions and choices.

  1. “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius 

Meaning: Progress and success are achieved through perseverance and determination, regardless of pace.

  1. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt 

Meaning: Belief in one’s dreams and aspirations paves the way for future success and fulfillment.

Inspirational Quotes: Overcoming Challenges 

  1. “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill 

Meaning: Challenges and setbacks can lead to opportunities and personal growth.

  1. “A one-talented man who decides upon a definite object accomplishes more than a ten-talented man who scatters his energies and never knows exactly what he will do.” – Orison Swett Marden 

Meaning: Focused determination and clear goals lead to greater accomplishments than scattered efforts.

  1. “The extent of the struggle determines the extent of the growth. The obstacle is an advantage, not adversity. The enemy is any perception that prevents us from seeing this.” – Ryan Holiday 

Meaning: Challenges serve as opportunities for personal and intellectual growth.

  1. “The journey is never ending. There’s always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.” – Antonio Brown 

Meaning: Life is a continuous journey of growth and overcoming challenges.

  1. “The future rewards those who press on. I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself. I don’t have time to complain. I’m going to press on.” – Barack Obama 

Meaning: Overcoming challenges requires resilience and a forward-looking mindset.

  1. “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”– Rikkie Rogers 

Meaning: True strength is found in overcoming one’s perceived limitations.

  1. “We acquire the strength we have overcome.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Meaning: Strength is developed through facing and overcoming challenges.

  1. “Strength and courage aren’t always measured in medals and victories. They are measured in the struggles they overcome. The strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.”– Ashley Hodgeson 

Meaning: True strength is demonstrated in resilience and perseverance during tough times.

  1. “Temper us in fire, and we grow stronger. When we suffer, we survive.”– Cassandra Clare 

Meaning: Adversity has the power to strengthen and fortify individuals.

  1. “Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.”– Robert Louis Stevenson 

Meaning: Encourages facing fears and inspiring others through acts of courage.

  1. “Anyone can give up; it is the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone would expect you to fall apart, now that is true strength.”– Chris Bradford 

Meaning: True strength is displayed in maintaining composure during difficult times.

  1. “Be strong. Live honorably and with dignity. When you don’t think you can, hold on.”– James Frey 

Meaning: Encouragement to persevere and maintain strength, even in challenging moments.

  1. “Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness.”– Susan Gale 

Meaning: Discovering inner strength often occurs when confronted with personal weaknesses.

  1. “Risk anything! Care no more for the opinion of others … Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.”– Katherine Mansfield 

Meaning: Encourages taking risks and acting authentically, regardless of others’ opinions.

  1. “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus 

Meaning: Inner strength and resilience can be discovered in the darkest times.

  1. “Facing it, always facing it, that’s the way to get through. Face it.” – Conrad Joseph 

Meaning: Confronting challenges directly is the most effective way to overcome them.

  1. “Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca 

Meaning: True courage is revealed and celebrated in the face of adversity.

  1. “Rock bottom became the solid foundation in which I built my life.” – J.K. Rowling 

Meaning: Even in the lowest moments, there is an opportunity to rebuild and create a stronger foundation.

  1. “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt 

Meaning: Confronting fears and challenges builds inner strength and resilience.

  1. “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford 

Meaning: Success often requires overcoming resistance and adversity.

  1. “Prosperity is no just scale; adversity is the only balance to weigh friends.” – Plutarch 

Meaning: Adversity reveals the true nature of relationships and friendships.

  1. “You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage. Instead, it’s important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages.” – Michelle Obama 

Meaning: Overcoming challenges provides valuable experience and strength.

  1. “Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” – William Arthur Ward 

Meaning: Adversity can either break individuals or propel them to achieve remarkable feats.

  1. “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” – Henry Ford 

Meaning: Focusing on goals helps overcome obstacles and challenges.

  1. “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” – Booker T. Washington 

Meaning: True success is measured by the challenges overcome, not just achievements attained.

  1. “I really believe in the old expression that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s through adversity that you find the strength you never knew you had.”– Christie Brinkley

Meaning: Adversity can reveal inner strength and resilience previously unrecognized.

  1. “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”– Ernest Hemmingway 

Meaning: Adversity can lead to personal growth and resilience.

  1. “A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.”– Vernon Howard 

Meaning: True strength comes from within and doesn’t rely on external validation.

  1. “He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.”– Louisa May Alcott 

Meaning: Confidence and belief in oneself lead to strength and decisive action.

  1. “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”– Marcus Aurelius 

Meaning: Inner strength comes from controlling one’s thoughts and mindset.

  1. “There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’ No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”– Dalai Lama XIV 

Meaning: Adversity can be a source of strength if approached with hope and resilience.

  1. “The friend in my adversity I shall always cherish most. I can better trust those who helped to relieve the gloom of my dark hours than those who are so ready to enjoy with me the sunshine of my prosperity.” – Ulysses S. Grant 

Meaning: True friends are those who stand by you during tough times.

  1. “Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.” – Bob Riley 

Meaning: Adversity reveals one’s true character and potential for greatness.

  1. “The moment we believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability as opposed to resilience and hard work, we will be brittle in the face of adversity.” – Joshua Waitzkin 

Meaning: Resilience and hard work, not innate ability, are key to success in the face of adversity.

  1. “If you live long enough, you’ll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you’ll be a better person. It’s how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit.” – William J. Clinton 

Meaning: Learning from mistakes and persevering through adversity leads to personal growth.

  1. “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” – Roger Crawford 

Meaning: Facing challenges is a natural part of life, but succumbing to them is a choice.

  1. “Life is very interesting. In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.” – Drew Barrymore 

Meaning: Adversity can lead to personal growth and resilience.

  1. “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”– Mahatma Gandhi 

Meaning: True strength comes from determination and perseverance, not just physical ability.

  1. “My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.”– Michael Jordan 

Meaning: Transforming perceived weaknesses into strengths is a powerful mindset.

  1. “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”– Khalil Gibran 

Meaning: Adversity can shape individuals into strong and resilient beings.

  1. “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”– Christopher Reeve 

Meaning: True heroism is displayed in persevering through adversity.

  1. “All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me…. You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”– Walt Disney 

Meaning: Adversity can lead to personal growth and resilience in unexpected ways.

  1. “You can’t really be strong until you can see a funny side to things.”– Ken Kesey 

Meaning: Finding humor in difficult situations can demonstrate strength and resilience.

  1. “The eagle has no fear of adversity. We need to be like the eagle and have a fearless spirit of a conqueror.” – Joyce Meyer 

Meaning: Embracing adversity with courage and fearlessness leads to triumph.

  1. “The most successful people see adversity not as a stumbling block, but as a stepping-stone to greatness.” – Shawn Anchor 

Meaning: Viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and success leads to resilience.

  1. “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordan 

Meaning: Persistence and determination are key to overcoming obstacles.

  1. “Sometimes good comes through adversity. I would not be who I am today had it not been for the internment, and I like who I am.” – Ruth Asawa 

Meaning: Adversity can lead to positive personal development and self-discovery.

  1. “Our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.” – Martin Luther King Jr. 

Meaning: Adaptability and resilience are crucial for overcoming challenges and thriving.

  1. “If the road is easy, you’re likely going the wrong way.” – Terry Goodkind 

Meaning: Challenges and adversity are often part of the journey to success and fulfillment.

  1. “Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.” – Zig Ziglar 

Meaning: Overcoming adversity can lead to personal growth and success.

  1. “In spite of discouragement and adversity, those who are happiest seem to have a way of learning from difficult times, becoming stronger, wiser and happier as a result.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin 

Meaning: Resilience and learning from adversity lead to greater happiness and strength.

  1. “Adversity, and perseverance and all these things can shape you. They can give you a value and a self-esteem that is priceless.” – Scott Hamilton 

Meaning: Overcoming adversity builds character and self-worth.

  1. “Sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can.” – Becca Fitzpatrick 

Meaning: Adversity can lead to positive outcomes and growth.

  1. “In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.” – Lee Iacocca 

Meaning: Productive activity and positivity can help overcome stress and adversity.

  1. “I haven’t always acted or reacted in a way that made me proud, but I didn’t make that same mistake twice, and I think that’s what I love about adversity is that it always reminds me of what’s really valuable in life.” – Sandra Bullock 

Meaning: Adversity serves as a reminder of what truly matters in life and promotes personal growth.

  1. “Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” – Roy T. Bennett 

Meaning: Maintaining hope and resilience during difficult times leads to strength and growth.

  1. “There is in every true woman’s heart a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity; but which kindles up, and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.” – Washington Irving 

Meaning: Adversity can ignite inner strength and resilience in individuals.

  1. “Adversity is always the partner of progress.” – John C. Maxwell 

Meaning: Progress often involves overcoming challenges and adversity.

  1. “One thing about championship teams is that they’re resilient. No matter what is thrown at them, no matter how deep the hole, they find a way to bounce back and overcome adversity.” – Nick Saban 

Meaning: Resilience is a key trait of successful individuals and teams.

  1. “Turning feelings into words can help us process and overcome adversity.” – Sheryl Sandberg 

Meaning: Expressing emotions can aid in coping with and overcoming adversity.

  1. “Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.” – Arthur Golden 

Meaning: Adversity reveals one’s true character and strengths.

  1. “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Meaning: True strength comes from overcoming challenges and refusing to give up.

  1. “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” – Molière 

Meaning: Overcoming significant challenges leads to greater achievements and recognition.

  1. “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Meaning: Personal strengths are developed through overcoming struggles and challenges.

  1. “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordan 

Meaning: Persistence and problem-solving are essential for overcoming obstacles.

  1. “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” – C.S. Lewis 

Meaning: Adversity can prepare individuals for exceptional achievements and experiences.

  1. “The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.” – Charles Kingsleigh (Alice in Wonderland) 

Meaning: Belief and determination are necessary for accomplishing challenging goals.

  1. “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine 

Meaning: Overcoming challenges gives life purpose and fulfillment.

  1. “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” – Confucius 

Meaning: Personal growth and improvement require overcoming difficulties and challenges.

  1. “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” – Maya Angelou 

Meaning: Overcoming defeats and challenges builds resilience and self-awareness.

  1. “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill 

Meaning: Challenges and setbacks contain opportunities for growth and improvement.

  1. “The moment you give up is the moment you let someone else win.” – Kobe Bryant 

Meaning: Perseverance and determination are essential for success.

  1. “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford 

Meaning: Success often involves overcoming resistance and adversity.

  1. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius 

Meaning: True strength is demonstrated in resilience and perseverance.

  1. “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” – Bernice Johnson Reagon 

Meaning: Challenges provide opportunities for self-discovery and growth.

  1. “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” – Henry Ford 

Meaning: Focusing on goals helps overcome obstacles and challenges.

  1. “What defines us is how well we rise after falling.” – Unknown 

Meaning: Resilience and determination define one’s character.

  1. “The only way through the darkness is to become the light.” – Unknown 

Meaning: Overcoming challenges requires finding inner strength and positivity.

  1. “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” – Unknown 

Meaning: Challenges and adversity can lead to rewarding outcomes and experiences.

Inspirational Quotes: About Growth & Self Improvement 

  1. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu 

Meaning: Every big achievement starts with a small, initial action.

  1. “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” – Chris Grosser

Meaning: Success often comes from actively seeking and creating opportunities rather than waiting for them to appear.

  1. “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein 

Meaning: Challenges often contain hidden opportunities for growth and advancement.

  1. “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Zig Ziglar 

Meaning: Personal growth and development through pursuing goals are more valuable than the outcomes themselves.

  1. “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis 

Meaning: Age should not limit one’s aspirations and ability to pursue new goals and dreams.

  1. “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston S. Churchill 

Meaning: True success involves maintaining enthusiasm and determination despite setbacks and failures.

  1. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain 

Meaning: Taking the first step is crucial for progress and success.

  1. “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson 

Meaning: Focus on progress and continuous action rather than on time passing.

  1. “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” – Anonymous 

Meaning: Personal growth and improvement should be the primary focus rather than comparison with others.

  1. “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” – Colin R. Davis 

Meaning: The path to success often involves encountering similar challenges and obstacles as the path to failure, but success comes from perseverance and resilience.

  1. “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” – Roy T. Bennett 

Meaning: Focus on pursuing dreams and aspirations rather than being controlled by fears and doubts.

  1. “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein 

Meaning: Prioritize contributing value to others and society over personal success for true fulfillment.

  1. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney 

Meaning: Action is essential for progress and success; stop procrastinating and start taking steps towards your goals.

  1. “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vidal Sassoon 

Meaning: Success is the result of hard work and effort, not luck or chance.

  1. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky 

Meaning: Taking risks and seizing opportunities is essential for success; inaction guarantees failure.

  1. “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Nelson Mandela 

Meaning: True greatness is demonstrated in resilience and the ability to overcome adversity.

  1. “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs 

Meaning: Make the most of your limited time by pursuing your own passions and aspirations rather than conforming to others’ expectations.

  1. “I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.” – Florence Nightingale 

Meaning: Success requires taking responsibility and avoiding excuses for failure or inaction.

  1. “If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission.” – Anonymous 

Meaning: Success often requires boldness and initiative rather than waiting for validation or permission from others.

  1. “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” – Maya Angelou 

Meaning: Overcoming setbacks and failures is essential for eventual success; resilience is key.

  1. “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” – Will Rogers 

Meaning: Focus on the present and future rather than dwelling on past mistakes or regrets.

  1. “Success is not just about making money. It’s about making a difference.” – Unknown 

Meaning: True success involves contributing positively to the world and making a meaningful impact.

  1. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar 

Meaning: Getting started is the first step towards achieving greatness; perfection is not required initially.

  1. “Success is not in what you have, but who you are.” – Bo Bennett 

Meaning: True success is measured by personal growth, character, and integrity, not material possessions.

  1. “The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.” – Unknown 

Meaning: The effort invested in achieving a goal enhances the satisfaction of success.

  1. “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” – A.A. Milne 

Meaning: Recognize and believe in your own capabilities and potential for success.

  1. “Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through failure.” – Aisha Tyler 

Meaning: Success involves perseverance and resilience in the face of failure and setbacks.

  1. “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill 

Meaning: Maintaining enthusiasm and determination despite failures is essential for eventual success.

  1. “Change brings opportunity.” – Nido Qubein 

Meaning: Embrace change as it often opens up new opportunities for growth and improvement.

  1. “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things could fall together.” – Marilyn Monroe 

Meaning: Setbacks and failures can lead to new and better opportunities and outcomes.

  1. “Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” – Steve Maraboli 

Meaning: Focus on controlling and improving what is within your power rather than worrying about external factors beyond your control.

  1. “Recognizing that you are not where you want to be is a starting point to begin changing your life.” – Deborah Day 

Meaning: Acknowledging dissatisfaction with the current situation is the first step towards personal growth and change.

  1. “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Rob Siltanen 

Meaning: Belief in one’s ability to effect change and make a difference is often the driving force behind actual change.

  1. “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” – Angela Davis 

Meaning: Take proactive steps to change the aspects of your life or society that are unacceptable rather than passively accepting them.

  1. “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall 

Meaning: Every action has an impact, and it’s up to individuals to choose whether that impact is positive or negative.

  1. “Change is made of choices, and choices are made of character.” – Amanda Gorman 

Meaning: Personal character is reflected in the choices one makes, and change is a result of those choices.

  1. “Tradition is nothing but ancestral peer pressure.” – Indya Moore 

Meaning: Blindly following tradition can limit growth and progress. Individuals should be open to questioning and challenging traditions.

  1. “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy 

Meaning: Embrace change and look towards the future rather than dwelling on the past or present.

  1. “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou 

Meaning: Strive for continuous improvement and growth by learning from past experiences and applying newfound knowledge.

  1. “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” – Ernest Hemingway 

Meaning: True greatness lies in self-improvement and personal growth rather than comparing oneself to others.

  1. “Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.” – Carrie Fisher 

Meaning: Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the ability to take action despite fear.

  1. “One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” – Abraham Maslow 

Meaning: Personal growth requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone and facing fears.

  1. “We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” – Oprah Winfrey 

Meaning: Growth and change require leaving behind old habits and ways of thinking.

  1. “When we’re growing up there are all sorts of people telling us what to do when really what we need is space to work out who to be.” – Elliot Page 

Meaning: Self-discovery and personal growth require freedom to explore and define one’s own identity.

  1. “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” – Frederick Douglass 

Meaning: Challenges and obstacles are necessary for growth and advancement.

  1. “Permit yourself to change your mind when something is no longer working for you.” – Nedra Glover Tawwab 

Meaning: Adaptability and openness to change are essential for personal growth and success.

  1. “Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” – Chinese Proverb 

Meaning: Progress may be gradual, but stagnation is the real danger.

  1. “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard 

Meaning: It’s never too late to change direction and create a new future.

  1. “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” – Unknown 

Meaning: Personal growth should be the primary focus rather than comparison with others.

  1. “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” – Mark Twain 

Meaning: Strive for ongoing progress rather than waiting for perfect conditions.

  1. “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” – John C. Maxwell 

Meaning: Change is constant, but personal growth requires active effort and intention.

  1. “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” – B.B. King 

Meaning: Knowledge and learning are invaluable assets that cannot be taken away.

  1. “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” – Lao Tzu 

Meaning: Expanded awareness and understanding are essential for personal growth and development.

  1. “The only way to grow is to step outside of your comfort zone.” – Unknown 

Meaning: Growth requires taking risks and pushing beyond familiar boundaries.

  1. “In a growth mindset, challenges are exciting rather than threatening.” – Carol S. Dweck 

Meaning: Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.

  1. “Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” – Chinese Proverb 

Meaning: Progress may be gradual, but stagnation is to be feared.

  1. “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” – Arthur C. Clarke 

Meaning: Pushing beyond perceived limits leads to new discoveries and accomplishments.

  1. “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill 

Meaning: Perseverance and enthusiasm in the face of failure are essential for eventual success.

  1. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch 

Meaning: Growth and fulfillment occur outside of one’s comfort zone.

Inspirational Quotes: Marriage 

  1. “Where there is love there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi

2. “To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow–this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

3. “If I get married, I want to be very married.” – Audrey Hepburn

4. “I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where…” – Pablo Neruda

5. “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

6. “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” – Maya Angelou

7. “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin

8. “I am nothing special, of this I am sure…” – Nicholas Sparks

9. “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…” – Alfred Tennyson

10. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

11. “We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird…” – Robert Fulghum

12. “Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch…” – Helen Keller

13. “What greater thing is there for two human souls, than to feel that they are joined for life…” – George Eliot

14. “We loved with a love that was more than love.” – Edgar Allan Poe

15. “Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back…” – Plato

16. “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody…” – When Harry Met Sally

17. “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure…” – Marilyn Monroe

18. “Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made…” – Ursula K. Le Guin

19. “Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you…” – Kahlil Gibran

20. “What is Love? I have met in the streets a very poor young man who was in love…” – Victor Hugo

21. “When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” – Arrigo Boito

22. “Who, being loved, is poor?” – Oscar Wilde

23. “A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together…” – Dave Meurer

24. “There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” – Martin Luther

25. “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” – Henry David Thoreau

26. “Love at first sight is easy to understand; it’s when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle.” – Sam Levenson

27. “When marrying, ask yourself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

28. “A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.” – Andre Marois

29. “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.” – Sophocles

30. “The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.” – Blaise Pascal

31. “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” – Charles M. Schulz

32. “Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.” – E.E. Cummings

33. “This is what we call love. When you are loved, you can do anything in creation…” – Paulo Coelho

34. “People are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours…” – Dr. Seuss

35. “The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.” – Julia Child

36. “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more…” – Nicholas Sparks

37. “When you trip over love, it is easy to get up. But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.” – Albert Einstein

38. “Romance is the glamor which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.” – Elinor Glyn

39. “Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.” – Nicole Krauss

40. “Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get–only with what you are expecting to give…” – Katharine Hepburn

41. “When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.” – John Lennon

42. “I don’t want the heavens or the shooting stars. I don’t want gemstones or gold…” – Shana Abe

43. “Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.” – Oscar Wilde

44. “Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love.” – William Shakespeare

45. “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world…” – Tom Bodett

46. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field…” – Rumi

47. “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

48. “The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue…” – Barbara de Angelis

49. “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” – David Viscott

50. “We can do no great things; only small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

51. “Love doesn’t make the world go round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Elizabeth Browning

52. “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” – Robert Heinlein

53. “Love those who love you.” – Voltaire

54. “In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.” – Janos Arnay

55. “The bride and groom–May their joys be as bright as the morning, and their sorrows but shadows that fade in the sunlight of love.” – Minna Thomas Antrim, A Book of Toasts

56. “I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.” – Elizabeth Browning

57. “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.” – William Shakespeare

58. “The highest happiness on earth is marriage.” – William Lyon Phelps

59. “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” – Emily Brontë

60. “Come, let’s be a comfortable couple and take care of each other! How glad we shall be, that we have somebody we are fond of always, to talk to and sit with.” – Charles Dickens

61. “We need a witness to our lives. There’s a billion people on the planet… I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you’re promising to care about everything…” – Shall We Dance?

62. “Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.” – Robert Browning

63. “Think not because you are now wed, that all your courtship’s at an end.” – Antonio Hurtado de Mendoza

64. “Happiness is anyone and anything at all, that’s loved by you.” – You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

65. “I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” – Rita Rudner

66. “The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was…” – Rumi

67. “All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.” – Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

68. “What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller

69. “And think not that you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.” – Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

70. “Tell me who admires you and loves you, and I will tell you who you are.” – Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve

71. “Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame.” – Henry David Thoreau

72. “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.” – Arwen, The Fellowship of the Ring

73. “In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” – Maya Angelou

74. “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me.” – Roy Croft

75. “Love is like a friendship caught on fire…” – Bruce Lee

76. “You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known and even that is an understatement.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

77. “To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” – Mark Twain

78. “Love is friendship that has caught fire…” – Ann Landers

79. “You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.” – Oscar Wilde

80. “In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed…” – Fitzwilliam Darcy, Pride and Prejudice

81. “Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.” – Swedish proverb

82. “Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like volcanoes and then subsides…” – Louis de Bernieres, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

83. “Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” – Albert Einstein

84. “My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me.” – Winston Churchill

85. “There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.” – Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

86. “If all else perished and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger.” – Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights

87. “Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.” – William Shakespeare

88. “You don’t love someone because they’re perfect; you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.” – Jodi Picoult

89. “Love insists the loved loves back.” – Dante Alighieri

90. “Love is a joint experience between two persons–but the fact that it is a joint experience does not mean that it is a similar experience to the two people involved.” – Carson McCullers, Ballad of the Sad Cafe and Other Stories

91. “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin

92. “Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.” – Jennifer Smith

93. “The greatest marriages are built on teamwork, a mutual respect, a healthy dose of admiration, and a never-ending portion of love and grace.” – Fawn Weaver

94. “A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.” – Ruth Bell Graham

95. “Marriage is not a noun; it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s something you do. It’s the way you love your partner every day.” – Barbara De Angelis

96. “The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.” – Robert C. Dodds

97. “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn

98. “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle

99. “A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It’s when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” – Dave Meurer

100. “A successful marriage isn’t the union of two perfect people. It’s that of two imperfect people who have learned the value of forgiveness and grace.” – Darlene Schacht

101. “Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity.” – Kahlil Gibran

102. “Marriage is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together.” – Barbara Cage

103. “A marriage is not a noun; it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s something you do. It’s the way you love your partner every day.” – Barbara De Angelis

104. “A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.” – Andre Maurois

105. “Marriage is not about age; it’s about finding the right person.” – Sophia Bush

106. “Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.” – Oscar Wilde

107. “The best time to love with your whole heart is always now, in this moment, because no breath beyond the current is promised.” – Fawn Weaver

108. “A successful marriage is built on love, respect, and communication.” – Unknown

109. “Marriage is like a fine wine, if tended to properly, it just gets better with age.” – Unknown

Inspirational Quotes: Work

  1. “You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.” – George Lorimer

2. “Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you’re willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.” – Lou Holtz

3. “One day or day one. You decide.” – Unknown

4. “Very often, a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.” – A.C. Benson

5. “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton

6. “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

7. “Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes from hard work.” – Joseph Barbara

8. “The big secret in life is that there is no secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.” – Oprah Winfrey

9. “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.” – Nelson Mandela

10. “If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.” – Olin Miller

11. “Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.” – Peter Drucker

12. “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” – Seneca

13. “The only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” – Jimmy Johnson

14. “Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.” – Thomas Edison

15. “When written in Chinese the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters – one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” – John F Kennedy

16. “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

17. “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” – John C. Maxwell

18. “What defines us is how well we rise after falling.” – Lionel from Maid in Manhattan Movie

19. “Make each day your masterpiece.” – John Wooden

20. “We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough.” – Helen Keller

21. “Every champion was once a contender that didn’t give up.” – Gabby Douglas

22. “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'” – Muhammad Ali

23. “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” – Suzy Kassem

24. “I didn’t get there by wishing for it, but by working for it.” – Estee Lauder

25. “You’re so much stronger than your excuses.” – Unknown

26. “I choose to make the rest of my life, the best of my life.” – Louise Hay

27. “Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.” – Unknown

28. “Twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you did not do than the ones you did.” – Mark Twain

29. “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis

30. “I can and I will. Watch me.” – Carrie Green

31. “There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you.” – Derek Jeter

32. “I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took an excuse.” – Florence Nightingale

33. “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

34. “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” – Stephen Covey

35. “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves.” – Chanakya

36. “If you don’t pay appropriate attention to what has your attention, it will take more of your attention than it deserves.” – David Allen

37. “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” – Vince Lombardi

38. “Whatever you do, do it with all your might. Work at it, early and late, in season and out of season, not leaving a stone unturned, and never deferring for a single hour that which can be done just as well as now.” – Margaret Fuller

39. “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.” – Pirates of the Caribbean

40. “It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” – Muhammad Ali

41. “Your ability to discipline yourself to set clear goals, and then to work toward them every day, will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor.” – Brian Tracy

42. “Spend eighty percent of your time focusing on the opportunities of tomorrow rather than the problems of yesterday.” – Brian Tracy

43. “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” – Dale Carnegie

44. “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” – Truman Capote

45. “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” – Denis Waitley

46. “Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.” – G.K. Nielson

47. “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

48. “The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.” – M. Scott Peck

49. “It ain’t as bad as you think. It will look better in the morning.” – Colin Powell

50. “The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost

51. “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

52. “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson

53. “Practice makes progress not perfect.” – Unknown

54. “I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.” – Maya Angelou

55. “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” – Margaret Thatcher

56. “Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.” – Julie Andrews

57. “The difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone is how high you raise your foot.” – Benny Lewis

58. “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Confucius

59. “It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

60. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

61. “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” – Chris Grosser

62. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer

63. “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

64. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar

65. “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” – Roy T. Bennett

66. “Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.” – Roy T. Bennett

67. “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

68. “Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

69. “Do what you have always done and you’ll get what you have always got.” – Sue Knight

70. “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” – Scott Belsky

71. “I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.” – Albert Einstein

72. “The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.” – Charles Kingsleigh from Alice in Wonderland

73. “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Christopher Columbus

74. “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James

75. “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” – Jordan Belfort

76. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

77. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer

78. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

79. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Tim Notke

80. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

81. “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

82. “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

83. “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson

84. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

85. “The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.” – Charles Kingsleigh (Alice in Wonderland)

86. “Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.” – Arnold H. Glasow

87. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

88. “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” – Arthur C. Clarke

89. “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

90. “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” – Chris Grosser

91. “The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Inspirational Quotes: Motivation & success

  1. “The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.” —Bruce Feirstein

2. “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” —Winston Churchill

3. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” —Steve Jobs

4. “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” —Franklin D. Roosevelt

5. “Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.” —Roy T. Bennett

6. “Success is … knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.” —John C. Maxwell

7. “You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals.” —Booker T. Washington

8. “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” —Maya Angelou

9. “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” —Michael John Bobak

10. “Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.” —Robert Kiyosaki

11. “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” —Anatole France

12. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

13. “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” —Jim Rohn

14. “A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done.” —Vince Lombardi

15. “If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission.” —Anonymous

16. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something–your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” —Steve Jobs

17. “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.” —Robert Collier

18. “In my experience, there is only one motivation, and that is desire. No reasons or principle contain it or stand against it.” —Jane Smiley

19. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” —Albert Schweitzer

20. “Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.” —George Bernard Shaw

21. “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” —Colin R. Davis

22. “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” —Chris Grosser

23. “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” —Mark Twain

24. “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” —Herman Melville

25. “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” —John R. Wooden

26. “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” —Les Brown

27. “The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.” —Denis Waitley

28. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” —Albert Einstein

29. “Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference.” —Robert Frost

30. “Whenever you see a successful person you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them.” —Vaibhav Shah

31. “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” —Bruce Lee

32. “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear–not absence of fear.” —Mark Twain

33. “There is no traffic jam along the extra mile.” —Roger Staubach

34. “Your problem isn’t the problem. Your reaction is the problem.” —Anonymous

35. “You may only succeed if you desire succeeding; you may only fail if you do not mind failing.” —Philippos

36. “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” —Audre Lorde

37. “A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at.” —Bruce Lee

38. “I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.” —Diane Ackerman

39. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” —Thomas A. Edison

40. “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” —Conrad Hilton

41. “The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors.” —Napoleon Hill

42. “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” —Napoleon Hill

43. “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” —Francis Chan

44. “Knowledge is being aware of what you can do. Wisdom is knowing when not to do it.” —Anonymous

45. “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” —Anonymous

46. “If you genuinely want something, don’t wait for it–teach yourself to be impatient.” —Gurbaksh Chahal

47. “When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.” —Lolly Daskal

48. “If you genuinely want something, don’t wait for it–teach yourself to be impatient.” —Gurbaksh Chahal

49. “The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it.” —Henry Ford

50. “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” —Walt Disney

51. “If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.” —Anonymous

52. “Trust because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it’s safe or certain.” —Anonymous

53. “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” —Anonymous

54. “If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary.” —Jim Rohn

55. “Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” —John Wooden

Inspirational Quotes: Self Love

  1. “It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.”— Sally Field

2. “By doing the work to love ourselves more, I believe we will love each other better.”— Laverne Cox

3. “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”— Brené Brown

4. “For me, self-love is like, ‘Am I sleeping enough? Eating well?’ Not: ‘Am I eating well to be able to fit into my skinny jeans?’ But: ‘Am I eating well to be healthy and strong?’ And to acknowledge the good, because there is always a lot of good.” —Kerry Washington

5. “If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.”— Marcus Garvey

6. “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”—Carl Gustav Jung

7. “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.”—Abraham Lincoln

8. “As I began to love myself I stopped craving for a different life, and I could see that everything that surrounded me was inviting me to grow.”— Charlie Chaplin

9. “Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.” — William Shakespeare

10. “Self-love is the best love.”

11. “Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you. Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. Set your life on fire.”—Rumi

12. “I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”—Brené Brown

13. “Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are.”—Beyoncé

14. “Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.”—George R.R. Martin

15. “Find your purpose and fling your life out to it. Find a way or make one. Try with all your might. Self-made or never made.”—Orison Swett Marden

16. “The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else.”—E.E Cummings

17. “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”—J.K. Rowling

18. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”—George Bernard Shaw

19. “This self-love is the instrument of our preservation; it resembles the provision for the perpetuity of mankind: it is necessary, it is dear to us, it gives us pleasure, and we must conceal it.”—Voltaire

20. “If you’re not someone who has a natural and effortless love for yourself, it’s hard to let go of your desire to please other people, and that’s really not an ingredient for a happy life.”—Anne Hathaway

21. “You are your own priority.”

22. “Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.” — Lucille Ball

23. “Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life.” — Mandy Hale

24. “You can be happy and still want to improve. You can be happy and still want to be healthier, smarter, more generous, more compassionate. Because happiness isn’t about complacency. It’s about knowing you’re enough.” — Unknown

25. “The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” — Audrey Hepburn

26. “You are enough just as you are. Each emotion, everything in your life, everything you do or do not do… where you are and who you are right now is enough. It is perfect.” — Haemin Sunim

27. “My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent.”—Ruth Bader Ginsberg

28. “My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to find peace with exactly who and what I am. To take pride in my thoughts, my appearance, my talents, my flaws and to stop this incessant worrying that I can’t be loved as I am.”―Anaïs Nin

29. “There is you and you. This is a relationship. This is the most important relationship.”―Nayyirah Waheed

30. “Not only do self-love and love of others go hand in hand but ultimately they are indistinguishable.”―M. Scott Peck

31. “I must undertake to love myself and to respect myself as though my very life depends upon self-love and self-respect.”—Maya Angelou

32. “Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.”—William Shakespeare

33. “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” — Mahatma Gandhi

34. “The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.” — Steve Maraboli

35. “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” — Oscar Wilde

36. “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” — Buddha

37. “If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.”—Charles Bukowski

38. “Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.”—Parker Palmer

39. “One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”―Shannon L. Alder

40. “It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit.”―Eartha Kitt

41. “It is interesting how often we can’t see all the ways in which we are being strong.”—Lena Dunham

42. “Self love is an ocean and your heart is a vessel. Make it full, and any excess will spill over into the lives of the people you hold dear. But you must come first.”―Beau Taplin

43. “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”—Buddha

44. “I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.”―Sylvia Plath

45. “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.”—Mark Twain

Inspirational Quotes: Athletes

1. Football 

  1. “Every day is an opportunity disguised as a challenge.” – Tiki Barber

2. “Leadership is a matter of having people look at you and gain confidence. If you’re in control, they’re in control.” – Tom Landry

3. “You have to perform at a consistently higher level than others. That’s the mark of a true professional.” – Joe Paterno

4. “Football is like life. It requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and respect for authority.” – Vince Lombardi

5. “Success isn’t owned, it’s leased. And rent is due every day.” – J.J. Watt

6. “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” – Vince Lombardi

7. “The most valuable player is the one who makes the most players valuable.” – Peyton Manning

8. “You can’t win together if you don’t work together.” – Nick Saban

9. “To the young: work, work, work, and then work some more.” – Ed Reed

10. “Good things come to those who work!” – Greg Dortch