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Inspire Vs. Influence: Everything You Need To Know 

This inspire vs. influence comparison will show you the differences and similarities between both terms. The word “influence” is already popular, as we encounter individuals who call themselves “brand influencers” daily. These brand influencers are everywhere. They are on social media and many boast large followers.

So, what does “influence and inspire” mean? How are both words related? We will explain both terms in this post for better understanding. Read on!

What Does Influence Mean?

Influence means control or authority over others. In other words, influence means when someone or something can affect others’ behaviors, thoughts, actions, or opinions.

For instance, assume you have a product from a specific brand you wish to buy. But after listening to a brand influencer speak about an alternative being superior to the product you plan to buy, you changed your mind. 

Because you trust and respect the brand influencer, you decided to buy the product the person recommended over the one you initially had in mind. The brand influencer has affected your thoughts and actions. That’s what influence means. 

Another thing I want you to know is that influence can be positive or negative. It depends on the impact and intentions of the influence. Furthermore, influence can be intentionally or unintentionally exerted on someone. 

When influence is unintentional, it means the ideas or actions of an individual inadvertently affect others. In the example we just gave, the brand influence unintentionally influenced your decision to choose a different product. 

What the “brand influencer” did was share ideas about the product and why it’s the best for users. Fortunately, you stumbled on the video or text and trusted the brand influencer’s opinions.

When exerted intentionally, influence can happen via manipulation, persuasion, or leadership. In this case, the “influencers” believe they have power or authority over others and want to use that power to sway their decisions or behaviors. 

People can exert influence externally in various ways. It can be through expertise, authority, social status, or charisma. Additionally, people with influence over others can use it to achieve their objectives. 

The case of a brand influencer giving people a reason to purchase a particular product or brand is a typical example of how people can use influence to achieve their goals. The brand influencer’s rationale for recommending the product could be because the brand itself requested it and rewards the influencer. 

Additionally, brand influencers can promote and recommend a brand because of the commission they get when people buy the product. 

So, people with influence can use it to achieve their primary objectives, good or bad. Their only concern is to achieve their goal. Nothing else matters to them. 

Influence can be a powerful tool. If a wicked and heartless person wields it, many lives could be ruined. 

What Does Inspire Mean?

I have read blogs that claim inspiration is an uplifting and positive concept. Well, the truth is that people can be inspired to do terrible things. So, inspiration can be both positive and negative. 

For example, a person inspired by a tragic event may be encouraged to take revenge. So, inspiration can produce positive results, and when negative, it can have negative outcomes. 

Don’t get me wrong. People can still use tragic events or experiences to motivate themselves positively.  

We have defined what inspiration means in our previous posts. But let’s still refresh our memories on the subject.  

Inspiration is when a person is mentally stimulated to act or create something. A positive inspiration would lead to the creation of something of significant value, while a negative inspiration can lead to the creation or production of something quite terrible.   

People often associate inspiration with motivation, enthusiasm, and creativity. But then, these are the end product when a person is inspired by something positive.

Another meaning of inspiration, or what it means to inspire, is encouraging or motivating people to think differently, take action, or pursue their goals. 

Note: Influence can cause people to think differently or change their thoughts. Inspiration can do the same. Another similarity between both terms is that influence and inspiration can lead to action. In other words, when people are influenced, they take action. Likewise, when people are inspired, they may take action. 

Also, being inspired might not lead to action. A person can get inspired by a book, movie, speech, or something else and not act. In other words, the inspiration might not produce a result unless the individual is ready to perspire through work hard. 

Where can one get inspiration from? You can get inspiration from anywhere. I have discussed 100 things that inspire me. You can read it to discover what inspires you.     

Inspiration can come from a range of sources. It can come from nature, art, music, deep emotions, role models, experiences, and others. Just identify what inspires you and use it to stay motivated every day.

Note: Inspiration differs from influence as it doesn’t require power dynamics. Inspiration can come from internal or personal experience that fuels passion. 

To inspire people or be an inspiration to others is a good thing. You’re creating a sense of passion, purpose, or enthusiasm in other people. People who inspire others can assist them in discovering their true potential, finding meaning in their lives, or overcoming obstacles.  

Influence Vs. Inspiration: Can Both Work Together?

Yes, influence and inspiration can work hand-in-hand. They can complement each other very well. 

Positive influence can have a significant impact on people. It can inspire people by giving them knowledge, guidance, or role models that can help to put their lives in the right direction or cause them to make good decisions. 

Inspiration can produce influential actions. For instance, an individual who feels inspired will be more willing to share their ideas with others, influencing them positively.

Inspiration can influence people to make a difference in society. It can affect people to create products or take actions that can change the lives of others. 

Thomas Edison was inspired to create the electric light bulb. Additionally, he was deeply influenced by the thought of making huge money by creating an electric light bulb to replace gas lighting. 

So, even when he failed multiple times, he didn’t care. He was also inspired and prepared mentally to overcome any obstacle that came his way. 

How Influence Impacts People’s Lives

Having a good person as a role model or influential figure in one’s life is one of the best things to wish for. Your life will have a clear direction. And even when things fall apart, you can easily pick yourself up and continue on the right path. 

Influence can play a massive role in shaping people’s choices (like the case of the brand influence we gave earlier), behaviors, and thoughts. It can also shape one’s beliefs, goals, careers, perspectives, and attitudes. 

An influential figure in your life is someone or something that you look up to. People can become influential to us by virtue of their age, social or societal status, or leadership position. 

For instance, your parents, older relatives, teachers, or community leaders can influence you. Even your religious leaders can influence you. 

A Handy Tip: Be mindful of the person you allow as an influential figure in your life. And allow only positive influences into your life. 

A positive, influential figure in your life will motivate, guide, and even assist you in any capacity to achieve your goals. You will experience growth and be ready to overcome any obstacle that comes your way. 

Positive influences are what everyone needs. A positive impact can help students graduate with good grades and make employees more productive. 

Avoid negative influences. Why? You’ll be led astray and experience regression in your life. Negative influences can cause you to lose direction and struggle to achieve your goals. 

Scrutinize every influential figure before you let them have a say in your life. The individual’s position shouldn’t matter. Sometimes, even parents can be a bad influence. Teachers, religious leaders, and older siblings can be bad influences, too. 

How To Harness The Power of Inspiration And Influence In Your Life

You can harness the power of inspiration and influence in your life by ensuring that the influences you allow are the right ones. Be selective about it. Please don’t settle for less because your life depends on it. 

A positive influence can lead you to greatness, while a negative influence can cause regression. 

Surround yourself with positive people, whether support communities, mentors, or role models. Why? They can guide and inspire you to achieve your goals. 

Start seeing setbacks, challenges, and personal experiences as opportunities to grow and make a lasting impact in the world.    

4 Personality Traits That Indicate You Are a Positive Influence On Others

Do you realize you influence others? Understand that people are looking up to you. They see you as a role model because of your personality. 

Knowing how much of an influence you have on people is essential. This way, you can ensure you remain a positive influence. 

So, how do you know you’re a positive influence on other people? These personality traits will help you figure it out. 

1: You pay attention and communicate with people thoughtfully:

A person who influences others positively should have excellent listening and communication skills. So, if you have such a trait, you positively influence others. 

You listen to people speak and want them to be heard and seen. You want them to shine and express themselves with maximum freedom. 

2: You enjoy learning new things:

Do you enjoy learning new things or sharing ideas with people? If you enjoy sharing new ideas with people, then you’re a positive influence. 

Why share ideas with people? Besides the fact that you enjoy doing it, you want people’s lives transformed. 

A person who positively influences others will do all they can to help people grow. They take pleasure in seeing others grow and become great in life. 

3: You are supportive of others:

Another personality trait that indicates that you have a positive influence on others is how supportive you are. You want to see other people grow and become successful. Additionally, you don’t feel jealous when other people succeed. 

You want the people around you to succeed more than anything. You don’t feel happy or satisfied when the people around you struggle.

You offer support in words and any form that can help people achieve their goals. 

4: You’re accountable: 

Most people who see themselves as influential figures believe they must be perfect. They don’t see themselves making mistakes. And even when they eventually make mistakes, they don’t take responsibility. 

As a positive influence on others, your case is different. You take responsibility for your actions. You’re accountable and not afraid to raise your hands when you make mistakes and say, “sorry, I was wrong!”

Individuals who positively influence others must be ready to take full responsibility for their actions. When you do, you remove the stigma that owning up to one’s mistakes is a sign of weakness. 


This inspire vs. influence comparison shows the differences and similarities between both terms. Inspiration and influence push people to take action. 

However, while inspiration can be internal, influence can come from external forces. Inspiration and influence can work together to help people achieve their goals in life. 

Just surround yourself with the right people. Surround yourself with positive influences, and you’ll see your life change for good. Look out for traits of positivity in the people you look up to for inspiration or that influence you. 

Inspiration can lead to positive output. It can equally lead to unfavorable outcomes. But then, our primary focus is on the positive. Inspire yourself positively to achieve your goals. 


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150+ Sunday Inspirational Quotes: Your Weekly Source Of Inspiration

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