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100 Things That Inspire Me: #66 Works Like Magic 

Writing about 100 things that inspire me was easy. Why? With a cup of coffee on one side and my pet, Bruno, on the other, it was easy for the ideas in my head to flow.

By the way, coffee is one of the things that inspires me. It is almost like pouring petrol into a car. The car won’t start without petrol in it, right? Let’s say my ideas flow better when I have coffee.

Some days, you may feel uninspired. You will try to write or do something you usually do and get stuck. If this happens to you, don’t beat yourself up.

Some days are like that. Just find what inspires you and do it. Is it singing or listening to music? Your creative ideas will start following immediately.

In this post, we’ll discuss things that get me inspired. Read to find your inspiration.

Here Are The 100 Things That Inspire Me 

What inspires you and gets your creative juice flowing again? It is time to find it and get productive. Below, we identified 100 things that can help reignite your ideas. They can inspire you to produce outstanding results. Read on!

1: Circular music:

Music can create a range of inspirations. It can inspire one to be happy, sad, emotional, or creative.

If you want to create positive energy, listen to songs that can create one. Listen to music with rich instrumentals and vocals if you want inspiration to write a creative novel.

I enjoy listening to classical songs. They inspire me and help to rekindle my creative mind. However, do what works for you. Yours might be pop or R&B.

2: My dad’s genuine love: 

Whenever the hate clouds my mind, my dad’s genuine love for my mum and his children knocks it off my head.

My dad is the epitome of love. My siblings and I used to call him “the love ambassador.” He treats my mum like a queen; they have been together for over 30 years. He inspires me to love more and be good to people.

3: Great writing: 

I know how hard writing is, so I get inspired when I stumble on a great piece. It doesn’t matter the genre or the author’s status. If a book or novel is exceptional, it will inspire me to challenge myself and create something better.

4: My brother: 

My brother, Peter, is a blessing in my life. He pushes and inspires me to be better. He has created a healthy competition between us, a challenge I love so much.

He’s the best sibling one could ever wish for. He challenges me and encourages me to improve in every aspect of my life. Life has been so easy with him by my side.

5: My mother’s career successes: 

My mother is a woman of substance. She’s the kind of woman I want my future wife to be. She’s an engineer and rose to the pinnacle of her career. She has acquired several master’s degrees and a Ph.D.

She has achieved so much in her life, academic and career-wise. And she’s even planning to start another program next year. I just love this woman so much. J

 6: My high school teacher:

My high school teacher, Mr. Potter, was the best teacher anyone could wish for. He’s friendly, cheerful, kind-hearted, calm, and intelligent.

I don’t know how he does it, but this man never stopped calling and advising me even when I entered the university. He always encourages and pushes me to be the best in class. Thanks, Mr. Potter; I graduated as the best student in my department because of you. I’ll always be grateful to you.

7: My grandma’s successful life:

My grandma is another person who inspires me. She’s calm, kind, intelligent, and caring. Her achievements inspire me. She has worked hard and achieved so much in life.

I miss her every day and will keep working hard to be as or even more successful than her.

8: My grandpa’s selflessness: 

I admire how my grandpa created time to be with his grandchildren and look after himself so well. My dad told me my granddad has been like that with them.

He was always there for them and ensured he spent quality time with his family. Indeed, my granddad will feel fulfilled that he spent quality time with his children and grandchildren.

9: Fantasy movies: 

Don’t get me wrong; I love all movies and admire movie producers’ work. However, I love fantasy movies more because they inspire me.

Most people may get inspiration from drama, while some from action movies. We are all different, so choose what works for you.

10: My super-smart cousin: 

My cousin is only 10 years old and does things that most adults wouldn’t dare to do. He’s learning his second instrument, a keyboard, and wants to be a programmer too.

11: The moon & stars: 

I enjoy sitting in a quiet spot at night, staring at the sky and sipping hot tea. The moon and stars fascinate and inspire me. How do they know where to hide till evening?

12: The Ocean: 

I have always loved the ocean since I was little. It inspires me in a way that many things I would mention on this page won’t. The sound and movement of the waves and the feel of the sand make the ocean a perfect place for inspiration.

13: Love:

Seeing lovers expressing their love via action, not just words, inspires me. It also makes me realize that love is the antidote for all the happenings in the world.

14: Storytelling:

I am not only a fan of stories; they inspire me a lot. Whether it’s a short story, movie, or told by friends while camping, and around the campfire, every story is the same for me.

15: Charity: 

In a world where almost everything has been given a price tag, you’ll still find people doing charity work. They try to help others who can’t help themselves and demand nothing in return.

I adore charity work when it’s genuine. It inspires me to be a better person, appreciate what I have, and continue contributing to the betterment of society.

16: Watching soccer: 

In some parts of the world, it’s called “football.” Here in America, it’s called soccer. It’s my favorite sport. The saves made by goalkeepers, and goals scored all make soccer great to watch and inspirational.

17: Paintings:

I love the artwork. It inspires me. I love the artwork more when the painting is done with highly captivating colors. I am always amazed when I think about how artists get their ideas and produce great artworks. Paintings inspire me to be creative

18: Mother Nature:

Sometimes, I run to Mother Nature when I feel uninspired or get stuck. And she has never failed me.

From the lush vegetation to beautiful and diverse creatures, nature has all the inspiration you need. If you’re feeling stressed and anxious, nature can fix you up.

19: Graphic designers: 

Most people think graphic design isn’t tricky until they try to create a graphic design. A lot of creative work goes into the process.

Graphic designs and designers themselves inspire me. I love creating things and get inspired when others visualize designs and bring them to life.

20: Web developers: 

I learned web development and know how to write code to some degree. It demands a great deal of brainstorming and creative thinking.

21: Fitness instructors: 

Fitness instructors are a good example of “practice what you preach.” They look fit, eat healthy, and work harder than their clients.

Fitness instructors inspire me with their hard work, physique, and passion to keep fit. They inspire me with their devotion to healthy living in a world where junk has become a staple for many.

22: Healthy people: 

Those who have taken a stand to eat healthily and cut junk off inspire me. Eating right isn’t an easy decision to make. It takes a high level of self-discipline to maintain such an eating habit.

23: Entrepreneurs: 

Entrepreneurs are one of my biggest inspirations in life. I admire their courage to take an idea and turn it into a business that meets the needs of people.

Entrepreneurs are big risk-takers. They can risk everything for their dream. Some don’t even mind taking loans to start their businesses when they don’t know the outcome yet.

24: Farmers: 

Farmers are one of my biggest inspirations. They work so hard to provide feed, keeping us alive and with the energy we need to run our daily activities.

Farmers are big risk-takers, too. They plant crops and anticipate a bounty harvest when they can’t influence some of the factors that determine the performance of the crops.

25: The internet: 

I am inspired by how the internet works and has transformed our lives. It has made communication much more effortless and access to information from anywhere in the world a breeze.

26: Batman:

If there is anyone like me out there who takes inspiration from Batman, kindly raise your hand. I look to comic book stories, including superhero characters in movies and Batman

27: Chatty people: 

Most people reading this find chatty people annoying. But I find them inspiring unless they aren’t making sense. You’ll value having chatty friends if you’re lonely or have friends who barely speak.

Your chatty friend or colleague might be talking a lot, but they still do their best to keep you engaged, which means a lot.

28: Gospel music:

Gospel music glorifies God’s name and inspires me. Listening to gospel music inspires me to be in a mood to worship God.

The calmness and melody of some gospel music make them inspiring. I love gospel music singers with melodious voices. Their songs inspire me more.

29: Hot water: 

There is something unique that hot water does that inspires me. It relaxes my body and makes my night rest more enjoyable. I enjoy bathing in hot water at night. It relaxes me more.

Hot coffee or tea works magic in my stomach and puts me in a calm mood for the ideas to keep flowing in my head.

30: Kind people:

If you’re kind, I am your biggest fan. I adore kind people. I am not talking about people who pretend to be kind but those who are naturally kind.

If you’re a kind person, you’re my hero. You inspire me to be a better person, to spread love, and show kindness.

31: Courageous children:

I watched a short video of a little girl walking on a glass bridge in China and was amazed. She walked confidently while her age mates were afraid and crawled on the glass bridge.

The bridge’s height from the ground is quite far. Another thing that made it scarier was that the glass floor used in constructing the bridge was transparent. Thus, you could barely see a thing beneath the bridge when you tried to look down from the bridge.

This little girl walked majestically on the bridge. She walked boldly like the queen she was.

32: Motherhood:

Women are incredible. They are a unique species and deserve all the love in the world. A woman would carry a baby for 9 months, give birth, and look after the child for years.

Women are good multitaskers. Their strength is unmatched. A woman would cook, tend to the kids and the husband, and even manage a business. Motherhood shapes women, and they are big inspirations.

33: Video games: 

Playing video games inspires me. The background story, characters, graphics, and features make video games enjoyable. Technology has also transformed video games. We now have video games with improved graphics, features, and more.

34: Gratitude: 

Gratitude inspires me; I don’t know about you. When people show appreciation for the little or much they receive from me, it inspires me to give more.

35: Singers: 

Singers with great voices inspire me. I could listen to them sing all day. Whether male or female, as long as you have a great voice, I can get inspiration from you.

36: The sun:

I like the sun shining down on me. The sun inspires me to step out and warm up a beat. I’m not too fond of extreme cold; it makes me feel like I am hibernating. But when the sun rises or sets, I know it’s time to step out and wear any clothes I want without fear of getting frozen.

37: Quiet people:

I love quiet people, and I must confess that I love chatty people, too. Quiet people inspire me to stay calm and be silent even when facing challenges.

I love to be around quiet people most of the time, especially when I need peace of mind. Chatty people won’t let you have such a quiet time.

38: Accents: 

I love people with great accents. They inspire me to improve mine. I enjoy listening to them and can keep shut so they keep talking.

39: Cotton:

Cotton fascinates me. Firstly, how it grows out in the field is impressive. And because cotton isn’t a finished fabric but a fiber, you can treat it chemically to produce different kinds of fabric.

40: Creative individuals:

I respect creative people. They inspire me. Whenever I need inspiration, I think about creative work done by someone, and that fire in me rekindles.

41: Survivors:

When I read the story of survivors, I get inspired. People who have survived all kinds of challenges inspire me. For instance, I watched a video of a girl who got pregnant at 15 years old and was poorly treated by her father. Her father refused to support her, but she didn’t give up.

She went to the university, and guess what happened; she’s now a medical doctor.

42: Funny people:

Funny people inspire me, and I love being around them. They make you laugh, even when you’re in a bad mood. How they got their jokes also amazes me.

43: Waterfall:

I love waterfalls. They inspire me, too.

44: Water fountains:  

I love water fountains. I love the science behind them. Staring at water fountains inspires me.

45: Birds:

I generally love animals, but birds are one of the creatures that fascinate me.

46: Ants:

If you want to understand the power of unity, consider the life of ants. They are among the most organized creatures on the planet. A dozen ants can agree to move food items or materials together long distances. They are so inspirational.

 47: Dancers:

Dancers are my favorite entertainers. I am not a good dancer, though I admire people who can dance. The creativity of some dancers is out of this world. How they manage to twist their bodies to the beat makes them inspirational.

48: Fearless People:

Fearless people inspire me: those who are not afraid to be themselves regardless of the situation or persons involved.

49: Courageous people:

I have the same admiration I have for folks who are fearless and those who are courageous.

50: Firefighters:

I admire firefighters. The passion they show towards their jobs also inspires me. It challenges me to love what I am doing and give it my all.

Despite the risk, firefighters still perform their duties. Have you watched firefighters train? You’ll even be more inspired.

51: Liang Yaoyi:

This 11-year-old boy had brain cancer. He tried fighting it for years and eventually realized he wouldn’t make it. This brave little boy decided to donate his organs to help save other people’s lives.

At first, his mother refused but later accepted. After the operation, doctors bowed three times to the brave young man. Keep resting on Liang! You’re a hero and an inspiration to the world.

52: Good food:

Good food inspires me. I mean, food cooked with great care and attention. Food with the right combination of ingredients captivates me.

 53: Comebacks in sports:

I enjoy watching teams who were previously losing a game fight back and become the eventual winners. It inspires me never to give up and fight until the very end.

54: Athletes winning against all odds:

I love athletes who surprise their opponents after being considered underdogs.

55: Hardworking people:

Hardworking individuals inspire me. They inspire me to work harder whenever I feel uninspired. They are one of my biggest inspirations.

56: Live music band: 

Whenever I need inspiration, I visit pubs with a live music band. I love bands with quality instrumentalists and vocalists. They keep me hooked and inspired.

57: Hot coffee:

I love the smell of coffee in the morning. I don’t even have to drink it to get inspiration. That’s how much I love coffee

58: Snowfall:

Sometimes, I sit by my window and watch snowfall. It inspires me.

59: Sound of rainfall on my roof:

The sound of rain dropping on my roof and creating different beats captivates me. I love listening to raindrops on my roof.

60: Automobiles:

I find automobiles so inspirational. How they operate and design of varied cars fascinates me. I love luxury cars, and even though I don’t own one currently, I still find motivation by looking at pictures of luxury cars.

61: Airplanes:

I am a big fan of air transportation. I love traveling by air. How planes operate fascinates me. I will always be inspired by the technology behind airplanes and how they get off the ground and fly for hours.

62: Gadgets:

Technology has advanced massively. Yet, tech companies are making us realize that we haven’t seen anything yet. I am immensely fascinated by gadgets, and I like checking out new devices. I like that tech companies are working hard to produce better and more unique gadgets than existing ones.

I love reading and trying new tech gadgets, as it fascinates me. And whenever I feel uninspired, I remember that someone somewhere produced the devices I am seeing, and I get inspired.

63: Inventors:

Inventors will always have a special place in my heart. They have done so much to make our lives comfortable. We also have numerous inventors and scientists working to solve a wide range of problems in the world.

These people dedicated the best years of their lives to working on inventions that would benefit the world.

They deny themselves the luxury of life to ensure they finally have a breakthrough.

64: Photographs of memorable moments:

Photographs that capture important events inspire me. It might not be a photograph of me or a loved one. It could be a photograph of a celebrity, adventurer, or inventor. Quality photos of historic events captivate me.

65: Awards: 

Looking at the awards I have received over the years inspires me. I only have a couple of awards, but they are worth something. I am someone who likes celebrating my wins, small and big wins.

The awards I have achieved over the years remind me of how much I have achieved and what I can achieve by staying consistent.

66: Compliments:

One easy way to motivate me is through compliments. I like it when people compliment me when I have done something. It inspires me to work hard and ensure I don’t fall short of that standard.

Criticism also works for me, but it is more interesting when the criticism is constructive. In other words, when you’re not criticizing me to make fun of me or demoralize me. If that’s the case, it would only make me sink deeper emotionally.

67: Nice mugs: 

The mug I regularly use to take coffee has some inspirational designs. I cherish the mug and keep it in a special place. I adore mugs with creative designs.

68: Flower gardens:

Flower gardens well-taken care of, with bright flowers, captivate and inspire me. I love spending time in such gardens, feeding my eyes.

69: Landmark sites:

Landmark sites boast historic importance to their state, city, community, and country. Many of the landmark sites have existed for decades.

Some Landmark sites that inspire me are the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Space Needle, the Lincoln Memorial, The Alamo, the Empire State Building, and others.

 70: Watching sunrise and sunset:

Watching the sunrise and sets reminds me of the gift of life. Both events remind me that I am alive and can see.

When there is life, there is hope for a brighter tomorrow. Watching the sunrise and sunset inspires me to appreciate life and keep pushing until I achieve my dream.

71: Content creators:

There are content creators on media platforms that are providing great inspiration. They come up with creative and unique content you probably haven’t seen anywhere else.

The creativity of these content creators inspires me, be it a prank or an interview.

72: Legal immigrants:

It takes courage for someone to leave his country and migrate to a new country. It shows great courage and how much of a risk-taker the individual is.

Immigrants who are legal in this country also inspire me with their hard work, dedication, and focus. Many are working hard to excel in their respective field and are doing exploits.

73: Hikers:

Hiking is one of the outdoor activities I cherish so much. I love hiking. It inspires me to keep challenging myself and never give up, no matter what life throws at me.

74: Medical doctors: 

Medical doctors save lives and perform surgical operations on patients. I admire them and draw inspiration from their professionalism, too.

Medical doctors show life, care, and attention to detail. On top of that, they have a highly stressful job.

75: Women in politics: 

We now have more women in politics in the last few years than several years ago. And these women are performing incredibly well, too.

The exploits of these women are inspirational. They inspire even the male folks distancing themselves from politics to have a rethink.

76: Graduates with first-class degrees:

Becoming a first-class graduate isn’t an easy thing. Achieving such a feat takes a high level of dedication, focus, and consistency.

First-class holders motivate me to work harder. They show that hard work and consistency produce results. Many of these graduates go on to have great careers.

77: Natural beauty: 

If there is one thing I admire about people, it is natural beauty. I love people who treasure their natural beauty. They inspire me.

We’re in a world where many people aren’t confident about their looks. Some are prepared to spend a fortune on plastic surgery to look better, even when there’s nothing wrong with them in the first place.

78: The smell of the woods: 

There is something unique the smell of woods does to me. It helps to calm me down. Walking in the woods or relaxing in an area packed with trees is a great way to relieve stress.

I enjoy being in the woods, just feeding my nose with the smell and staying away from all the noise around me. Just me and the trees alone, interacting through silence. That’s how I get inspiration whenever I am down.

79: Dog’s love and loyalty: 

They say dogs are man’s best friends. They are a great companion to have. Dogs are loyal to their owners. They can also go to any length to protect people they have bonded with.

80: People practicing self-love:

I am inspired by people who practice self-love. It takes a lot of work to reach such a status. In addition, you can’t bring down people who practice self-love genuinely. They have created a wall around them that no one can break.

81: Martial arts:

Martial arts are one of the skills I would have loved to learn. I enjoy watching martial artists train, as their movements, strength, and flexibility inspire me.

82: Album covers:

The creativity on album covers is inspiring. Creating unique covers for albums takes a great deal of brainstorming and creativity.

An album cover must be unique to stand out. It must differ from what other artists have used; otherwise, you’ll be mocked and called a copycat.

83: Comic book lettering: 

Comic book lettings are unique and captivating. Their creativity inspires me. I also love the drawings in comic books and appreciate the creators’ immense creativity.

84: Street art:

Street art is highly inspirational. They show how talented most humans are. I love being around places packed with street art. They look lovely, captivating, and inspiring.

85: Event Posters:  

I love the color combination, designs, and appeal of some even posters. They look captivating and elegant.

86: Fashion designers:

The work that fashion designers do is terrific. I love how they take a piece of fabric and imprint their identities.

Fashion designers are one of the most creative sets of people on the planet. It takes a lot to design a dress on paper and have it created on a fabric.

87: Fashion shows:

I love attending fashion shows and feeding my eyes with the various beautiful designs. Fashion designers inspire me, and I appreciate the work they do.

88: Models:

Models make the job of fashion designers a breeze. They advertise the clothes to a broader audience and look good on them.

It takes some level of discipline for models to maintain their shapes. They love to eat healthy and watch their weight.

Even with all the junk around and having the finances to purchase them, a model will still choose to maintain a healthy diet plan.

89: Creative posters:

Creative posters inspire me. I love creative posters with the perfect color combination and design.

90: Funny Stickers and decals:

Funny stickers not only inspire me, they make me laugh. Sometimes, I wonder how the creators arrived at the idea.

91: Music instruments:

Musical instruments inspire me. Listening to musical instruments helps put the pieces in my head together. They help stimulate my brain.

92: Song-lyrics:

Writing songs is hard work. It takes a lot of brainstorming and hours or even days of work. The final songs may appear simple, but that isn’t the case. Even recording the music requires a lot of work, too.

93: Cemeteries: 

You don’t go to the cemetery to mock the dead but to give yourself a reason to cherish your life. It offers an opportunity to reflect on your life and make adjustments to live your best life.

94: Talented makeup artists:

Makeup artists inspire me, too. We can all see the fantastic job they’re doing in movies. The relevance of makeup artists has skyrocketed over the years.

Some highly talented makeup artists have set themselves apart in the industry. They set the standard for others to follow.

95: Museums: 

Museums are one of the places where you can find some inspiration. There is a lot to see and learn from museums. In addition to seeing all kinds of animals, you can learn about them.

96: Bird-watching:

Bird-watching allows me to concentrate and appreciate nature. I enjoy watching different birds. It gives me inspiration

97: Road trips:

Road trips are always memorable. They are even more enjoyable when you travel with people you are familiar with.

Road trips offer the opportunity to clear your mind. You leave everything behind and stop bothering your brain about work for a while.

98: My aspirations:

What are your aspirations? What are the things motivating you to work hard and push on? Whenever I remember my aspirations in life, I am motivated to work harder and stay focused. My aspirations inspire me every day.

99: Soldiers:

We are safe today because of the military personnel who dedicated their lives to serve and protect the country, including its people. These men and women leave everything behind to protect us. They also put their lives on the line for us.

I am inspired whenever I think about these great men and women and their sacrifices for this great nation.

100: Rewards:

When I was younger, my father used to motivate me with rewards. I remember when he promised to buy me a car if I managed to get into the university. I did and got my car.

Anything can motivate me. I also love rewards, no matter how little. They inspire me to work harder.


So, these are the 100 things that inspire me. What are the things that inspire you? Know what inspires you. This way, you can stay inspired and achieve great things within a short time frame.

It is essential to stay inspired. This way, you can keep your concentration and achieve your goals. Also, note that some days are different. You may need an external factor to rekindle your passion and help you get going.

When it happens, don’t beat yourself up. Just identify that thing that inspires you and get yourself back together.


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